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River Ridge Golf Course

River Ridge Golf Club is a semi-private course hidden away on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River. It has become a popular site for get-togethers and company tournaments. Thanks to dense tree growth and the surrounding river embankment, there is almost no indication that River Ridge lies within the city limits. Instead, golfers are treated to 18 wonderfully isolated holes where they can escape the rush of urban life. River Ridge was professionally designed and sports more than 6,600 yards of fairways. Four large lakes and several ponds bring water into play on many of the holes. After your round take time to enjoy the full range of amenities offered by the River Ridge clubhouse, featuring an elevated deck with panoramic views of the River valley.

The following Dress Code will be enforced in all areas of our facility:

  • All clothing must be clean and presentable and not ripped or torn in any manner.
  • Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts if the shoulder strap is wider than 3″ (no spaghetti straps).
  • Men must wear shirts with sleeves.
  • No bikini tops, halter tops or any other style of sleeveless shirt that does not meet the above guidelines.
  • Shirts must be of a length that does not expose the midriff while standing.
  • No sweat pants or sweat shorts.
  • No nylon shorts of any kind. This includes all athletic shorts and surf/skate shorts.
  • No short-shorts or cutoff shorts.
  • Denim is acceptable providing it meets the first guideline.
  • Tee shirts are acceptable provided they do not feature offensive slogans/logos.
  • Acceptable footwear must be worn in order to avoid damage to the golf course. Acceptable footwear is:
  • Golf shoes with non-metal cleats
  • Soft-soled running shoes.
  • Athletic sandals.
  • Football, soccer, baseball or any other type of cleats are not permitted.
  • Shoes with raised heels of any form are not permitted.
  • Work boots are not permitted.