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Raven Crest Golf & Country Club
Edmonton, Alberta

Important Note:  annual rates listed below are applicable to existing RCGA shareholders only.  In order to join the CCT Membership program, a deposit must first be purchased at a cost of $10,000.00. The deposit is refundable by notice, prior to November 15th of the current year. In order to play golf each year, annual green fees must be paid.

  • Principal
    Prior to January 15
  • Spousal
    Regular rate
  • Restricted Principal
    Mon-Fri (non-holiday)
  • Restricted Spousal
    Mon-Fri (non-holiday)
  • Student
    Mon-Fri anytime
    Sat, Sun & Holidays after 3:00pm
  • Junior
    Note: 12-18 prior to 08/01
    Mon-Fri anytime
    Sat, Sun & Holidays after 3:00pm
  • Driving Range Single
    Regular rate
  • Driving Range Double
    Special rate
  • Power Cart
    Full seat
  • Membership Forms
Please Note:
* Membership rates do not include GST