Why People Enjoy Golf in Edmonton


If you don’t play golf in Edmonton yourself, chances are, you know someone who does. You’ve probably heard them talk about how fun it is or what good exercise it is or how you should definitely try it. And you should! Keep reading for eight reasons why golf is such an enjoyable sport.

1. It’s social

Golf is a great way to spend time with your friends or even make new acquaintances. The leisurely pace of golf makes it possible to play and talk at the same time and many courses offer social spaces where golfers can get together and relax once their game is finished.

2. It’s easy to learn

Golf is simple to learn and easy to play once you understand the basic techniques. The real fun starts when you challenge yourself to improve your techniques and up your game.

3. Anyone can do it

Unlike many other sports that can be highly physically strenuous and hard on your joints, golf moves at a leisurely pace. People of all ages can enjoy the game without worry of aggressive physical strain or injury.

4. It’s challenging

Many golfers play both against each other and against themselves. The friendly competition and challenge inherent in the game of golf is one of the many reasons that people in Edmonton enjoy it so much.

5. It’s good exercise

Depending on the size of the course, you could get in 5 km or more of walking each time you play. And if you carry your own clubs, you’ll get an even better workout.

6. It’s outdoors

Golf gets you out in the fresh air where you can enjoy the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D, which is essential to your overall health. You’ll also get to enjoy some incredibly scenic views and the natural beauty of the course.

7. It’s a great stress buster

The therapeutic benefits of fresh air and sunshine combined with some light exercise are well established. Golf can help you reduce your stress levels and relax.

8. It’s fun!

Playing golf in Edmonton is enjoyable for so many reasons. You can get out in the fresh air, enjoy some good company and challenge yourself with some light exercise. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon.


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