5 Swing Tips Before You Hit An Edmonton Golf Course


Whether you’re new to golf, or simply looking to further develop your game, one thing can’t be denied—the key to a good round lies in a solid swing. Keep reading for five tips to help you improve your golf swing before your next visit to an Edmonton golf course.

  1. Starting position

Your starting posture, or address position, is the stance you take before you swing and is the foundation on which your swing is built. For consistent results, you need to settle into an address position that will help you maximize power and speed. Bend your knees slightly and allow your arms to hang freely in front of you as you work on perfecting your posture.

  1. Balance

Maintaining your balance while you swing is essential to getting consistent results on all the different golf courses you set foot on. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, being careful not to shift your weight back to your heels, or forward to your toes, while you swing to maintain proper balance.

  1. Swing with your whole body

Resist the temptation to let your hands do the swinging. If you rely on your hands to do all the work, you’ll have less control over the club and direction of the ball, you won’t get enough power into your swing and you can even end up injuring yourself. For the best results, swing with your whole body starting from your shoulders and chest and follow through on the shot.

  1. Maintain your tempo

Your tempo, or the speed at which you swing your club, should stay the same no matter what type of club you’re holding. Speeding up your tempo for longer clubs and slowing it down for shorter ones will throw off your swing and you won’t be able to hit consistently. Focus on using the same tempo for every club and let physics take care of the rest.

  1. Relax

Each Edmonton golf course has beauty to enjoy, so don’t forget to relax. If you become too focused on the mechanics of your swing, your body will tense up and you won’t perform at your best. Your golf swing should comprise a single fluid motion and it’s impossible to achieve that type of fluidity unless you relax.

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